was an experimental lead marketplace for real estate practitioners to acquire buyers & tenants for a fee. It was developed in 2017 and built using a combination of the WordPress CMS to serve up the lead details to users and chatbots, to automatically capture leads with little to no intervention of a human. Chatbots, at that time, was an emerging technology.

At the time of its creation (2017), there was no other platform in the Philippines that offered buyer-oriented leads to real estate professionals without the need for them to upload listings. The status quo for real estate platforms was: Upload a listing to website A, wait for website visitor to view your listing, hope that the visitor filled out the query form, then website A will serve you the lead. For PLE, it was basically: Here’s list of names with contact info and requirements. If you have  a listing or can help find a listing for this lead, go get it. Simple.

It was geared towards newcomers in the industry. Those broker and agents that did not have a listing yet or did not know how to generate a lead yet. It was intended as a way to kickstart their  careers.

After generating a few hundred leads, we decided to conclude the experiment and transfer the tools and knowledge that we learned to CLOUDSERVIZ, Inc.

Update April 01 2021: Merged with
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